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Tourism, Culture and Society
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The study programme in a nutshell

Tourism, Culture and Society is one of the three specialisations within the master Arts and Culture Studies. This specialisation centers around the sociology of cultural tourism, cultural heritage studies and heritage management. With a combination of seminars, workshops, and fieldtrips, you will gain knowledge on different aspects of tourism, both in theory and in practice. Throughout the whole year, you will be guided and supported by our lecturers who are renowned scholars on top of new developments and cutting-edge studies in the field.

Introduction | Master Tourism, Culture and Society

What will you learn

You will learn about the latest developments in the tourism sector and its interplay with culture and society. You will do so by learning different research methods, and by applying your theoretical knowledge to actual cases in our classes or seminars. After completion of the required courses, you are free to choose electives that enable you to delve deeper into the subjects that you are most interested in.

You will complete the master specialisation with a thesis, where you are challenged to combine and apply the theoretical knowledge that you acquired with a topic of your own choice. There is also the possibility to write your thesis within an institution. This way, you will leave university with some valuable experience in the labour market already!

Students before you wrote their thesis on subjects such as indigenous tourism, dark tourism, media tourism, place-branding and destination-image, eco-tourism, food heritage, cultural festivals and -performances, and theme parks.

Course overview

Below you will find the study schedule of the master specialisation Tourism, Culture and Society. Content, themes and scheduling of research seminars and elective courses is subject to change and may vary in subsequent academic years. If you want to know more about a particular course, you can enter the course code in the Course catalogue.

Study schedule 2024-2025

Term 1

Course Code: CC4201

Student Workload: 5 EC

Course Code: CC4202

Student Workload: 5 EC

Course Code: CC4006

Student Workload: 5 EC

Course Code: CC4206

Student Workload: 5 EC

Term 2

Course Code: CC4203

Student Workload: 5 EC

  • Creative and Sustainable Cities (CC4027)

    Student Workload: 5 EC

  • Cultural Participation and Taste (CC4028)

    Student Workload: 5 EC

  • Researching Cultural Tourism (CC4204)

    Student Workload: 5 EC

Course Code: CC4206

Term 3

Within ESHCC (student workload 5 EC each):

  • Media Tourism - CC4015
  • Contemporary Aesthetics - CC4025
  • Cultural Management - CC4105
  • International Art Markets - CC4117
  • Museums in Context - CC4122
  • Economics of Fashion and Sustainability - CC4119
  • Assessing the impact of Culture and Creativity in Society - CC4123

Other electives within or outside the Faculty:
The information below has not yet been confirmed for 2024-2025


Term 4

Course Code: CC4250

Student Workload: 20 EC

Study schedule 2023-2024 - parttime

The master specialisation Tourism, Culture and Society can be followed full time or part time. When you study part time, you have to obtain the same amount of study points. The courses are spread over two years.

Below you will find the schedule of the part time programme. If you want to know more about a particular course, you can enter the course code in the Course Catalogue.

Schedule part time - first year

TermCoursesCourse codeEC

Seminar 1: Cultural Sociology of Tourism

Seminar 2: Economics of Cultural Tourism





2Research Seminar: Researching Cultural TourismCC42045

Electives (students choose 2 courses)

See fulltime programme for a full overview of all elective courses



 Total 25

Schedule part time - second year

TermCoursesCourse codeEC

Seminar 3: Critical Heritage Studies

Master Thesis Class






Seminar 4: Cultural Heritage Management

Master Thesis Class





3Start Master's thesisCC4250-
4Finish Master's thesisCC425020
 Total 35

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