Actions for greater investments in education

Like other Dutch universities, there are plans at Erasmus University Rotterdam to campaign against budget cuts, in the week of March 11. EUR’s Executive Board understands why the call for action was made and recognises the need for measures.

The employee representation organisation (PV)-EUROPA and WOinActie have called on Erasmus University’s academic community to partake in the campaign.

As the Board has previously stated, the problems encountered in the education sector (including the higher education sector) are significant and acute.

Employees have the right to campaign (including going on strike), and we respect that right. Therefore, the Board will allow its staff to take part in the activities undertaken during the action week, including ‘strike demonstration’ to be held in The Hague on 15 March.

However, since we feel it is important that the degree of inconvenience experienced by our students will be minimised, we have urged lecturers and mentors to notify their students as soon as possible if any of their lectures or seminars will be cancelled due to the actions. Exams scheduled for the week commencing 11 March will take place as scheduled.

The upcoming actions are not related to conflicts between employers and their employees. We hope that we will be able to solve the issues in the education sector, and particularly the higher education sector, by talking to the Minister for Education.