Best Essay Award for CM2010

PAC Symposium 2020

Congratulations to Gina Voigt and Ellen Tjiong, the winners of the Best Essay Award (Company: ABN AMRO) for CM2010 Communication Management. Guest speaker Mr. Matthew Apperley, Content Strategist at ABN AMRO, will organize an “ABN AMRO Day” for both winners.

The Workshop Communication Management (CM2010 Communication Management) provides an overview and application of social media communication to a variety of business models (B2B, B2C). Students learn to apply theories and skills of communication across various communication platforms and in various contexts.

During this course, a PAC Symposium on Managing Corporate Communication in Digital Age was organized on the 27th February 2020. Four experts were invited to the symposium. Each of them tackled communication management from a different perspective, including corporate communication, content strategy, thought leadership and visual thinking.

A Best Essay Award was organized in association with the symposium. Students who attended the symposium wrote a reflection essay on the experts’ talk and shared their views on critical questions imposed by experts. The winners of the Award are Gina Voigt and Ellen Tjiong (second-year IBCoM students). Our guest speaker Mr. Matthew Apperley, Content Strategist at ABN AMRO, will organize an “ABN AMRO Day” with both winners. After reviewing all nominated essays, Matthew concluded that both winning essays showed a detailed and thoughtful understanding of the topic and an excellent response to his question. Moreover, he was very impressed with the level of engagement with the topic in regards to positioning it within the literature. Matthew looks forward to welcoming both Gina and Ellen at ABN AMRO soon, and would also like to thank all nominated students.