Blog post Silvia- The tech generation: Turing Students Rotterdam for a day

It may be the beginning of a new block, but for our Turing colleagues it is the time to settle final details for January and February events

Last week, I went to one of their meetings and I noticed the ambitious spirit. Their big events are already sketched and every idea has a nice contour. Plus, the people I met in their association are super into brilliant tech ideas, collabs with other EUR student groups, serious guest lectures and, last but not least, team dinners! I was sitting with Simas (the vice-president), Panos, Josephine, Stanley, Francisco and Lauryna.

I previously promised a new association tour, so now I have a new one for you. It seems to me like Im a bit superficial in this post, considering that I have not attended one specific event of theirs to write this article. Moreover, I find it funny how I wrote before about UNICEF Student Team Rotterdam and Eastern European Student Association and I am now a member of both groups, but I cannot say the same about Turing Students Rotterdam.

Yes, thats it! I finally want to write about an association in which I am not a member, but which captures my attention with every past and pending event. And I am once again doing it because I want every student or student-to-be to feel a bit of an association spirit. What does it mean to be a team member? What do you gain from attending more and more events that highlight either the social, educational or entertaining side of official gatherings? Its a world of many small worlds. And now its time to step into the world of one professional student formation which has been active in Rotterdam since 2015.  

Turing Students Rotterdam is one part of a large community which aims to empower people to solve problems [] through tech education. And just because I am not truly passionate about data science, does not mean I am unaware of their super cool and smart events. See, I have always been a bit timorous in facing information and communication technology, maybe because I do not ace it myself. But everyone needs to know at least some technological basics. And here, in Erasmus Uni, you will really need to know maybe more than basics for some subjects.

It is a busy world, guys! As I was assisting their meeting, I could hear them ironically battling for a little while with syncing the calendars on all the devices. It made me innocently laugh to myself: is this what amazing tech people deal with behind the scenes? I am not surprised if only this would be their small problem, because the rest is mastered! And, as one problem is not a problem anymore once it is solved, lets take a quick look at their two upcoming events:


  • AI & Finance: Whats Next? on January 31st, the kick-off of the Bletchley Bootcamp where financial and machine learning techniques come together (announced guest speakers: Chief Innovation Officer of APG, Data Science team of Robeco Asset Management among others)


  • TuringX: The Future of Education on February 13th, where the Co-founder of Turing Society (who also heads the Turing School) will have a speech, next to professors from Erasmus University College and Erasmus School of Law and the Head of Studies of Codam


For a full image of their association and their goals in our University, visit their website and Facebook page. I have also heard they have some mid-year recruitment! But from now on, my job is pretty much done. I gave you a tip, now its your turn to get involved!

I really am expecting more students to be proactive and spend time in bonding with one or more student associations. Of course, its good for the résumé, and yes, its nice to be seen next to other dedicated people, but my essential idea goes a bit beyond this, as I am a very spiritual character. I like to think every student finds their hidden passion and develops it in a constructive way. Build your professional path, guys! Study for exams, get that diploma! But why limit yourself to that?


If you have not already read the last articles presenting EUR associations, give it a go: Unicef Student Team Rotterdam (USTR) & Eastern European Student Association (EESA). Stay tunned for the next tour!