Boost for educational research: three new PhD projects

Several EUR Schools and the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) have recently enabled another boost for educational research with the start of three new PhD projects. 

The planned research projects are bound to contribute to the development of the EUR’s strategic profile, as well as to cross-faculty collaboration.

The projects are:

•    Lost in transition? Access and academic success of diverse students in higher education. (ESSB in collaboration with RSM)
•    The promise of internationalization: How to develop intercultural communication competence and global citizenship in EUR’s international study programs. (ESHCC in collaboration with ESE)
•    Student evaluations of teaching (SET) – Strategies to make course evaluations an integrated part of educational design and teacher professionalisation. (RSM and ESSB)

The EUR isn’t just committed to educational innovation, but also to the empirical evaluation of its effects. Strengthening educational research strongly contributes to the didactic knowledge and therefore to the quality of the EUR’s education.

The new PhD projects are a natural follow-up of a series of research projects as part of the CLI in the last couple of years, as part of the Research Agenda Quality and Study Success:

•    Education Design Matters: Ability Peer Effects at the university (ESE, successfully completed)
•    Testing in Higher Education: Decisions on students’ performance’ (ESSB, successfully completed)
•    The effect of Nominal = Normal on study performance, motivation and student characteristics (ESSB, ongoing)
•    An investigation into how an evidence-based goal-setting intervention closed the gender and ethnic achievement gap (ESSB, ongoing)

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