Collaboration with Port of Rotterdam, Portbase and Erasmus University Rotterdam for the port of the future

Leon Willems

As the largest European port, Rotterdam is at the forefront of smarter, cleaner and more efficient production and organization of logistics. Information exchange and knowledge development are crucial. Existing economic sectors are under pressure from new economic activities and jobs are digitizing rapidly. New technologies and transitions in the field of energy supply and digitization offer unprecedented opportunities for economic activities in Rotterdam, the region and the hinterland. (International) students at Erasmus University Rotterdam are grasping the opportunity to prepare themselves for the port of future.

Port Management & Maritime Logistics

For several years now, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has been participating in the Minor Port Management & Maritime Logistics as a challenger and "client" for the integration assignment. In this way, international students are instructed to contribute to new digital and sustainable business models and value propositions. As of this year, Portbase has also joined the Minor program by making a few datasets available to students. Portbase has an enormous wealth of data and already offers a wide variety of intelligent digital services. In this academic year, Portbase has made a so-called Sandboxx available, where students will find three datasets that they can use for their assignment. To conclude the Minor, the students present their ideas to professionals from the Port Authority and Portbase.

New talent for the port of the future

With this collaboration, Portbase hopes to contribute to the development of new talent for the port of the future. On the one hand, Portbase wants to promote open innovation by sharing data and enabling other interested parties to build new propositions on the available data. Obviously with the permission of the data owners. On the other hand, Portbase wants to show students the interesting digital port world in the future after their time at Erasmus University. In this way, both the Port Authority and Portbase actively use their knowledge and network to ensure a better match between education and the business community, with more attention to IT jobs in the port.

Maurice Jansen

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