Compliments boost productivity

RTL Nieuws
Image - Robert Dur

Recently, Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives at Erasmus School of Economics, was interviewed by RTL Nieuws about receiving compliments in the workplace. What turns out? Receiving compliments engenders higher productivity among employees.

Receiving compliments makes people feel fulfilled. Recent research by Dur shows that in the workplace, it even leads to higher productivity. However, there are some snags in this. If compliments are handed out (too) often, it no longer seems special to receive one and the compliment can feel less meaningful. On the other hand, making compliments too exclusive can have a demotivating effect on employees, according to the professor.

On why compliments often lead to higher productivity, Dur is very clear: "it is then seen as a nice gesture. People then think: this is an employer who notices special things and appreciates us. Those colleagues are then willing to work harder because they want to give something nice back.'

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You can read the full article from RTL Nieuws, 28 februari 2024, here

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