Daniel Trottier on conspiracy theories in the very first EURcast

Erasmus University Rotterdam launches the EURcast, the podcast for and by students. In the podcast, alternating hosts Tessa Meulens, student International Bachelor of Communication and Media, and David Boeren, student Marketing Management, talk to EUR researchers about various current topics. Today the first episode appeared online on conspiracy theories.

Especially with the coronavirus, it seems as if these are increasingly nestling themselves in the public debate. Why is this? And: what role do social media play in the propagation of these theories? David talks about it with Daniel Trottier, Associate Professor at the Media and Communication Department of Erasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication.

Currently, Trottier is doing research on the use of digital media for the purposes of public scrutiny, denunciation and shaming. He and his colleagues recently released the Open Access title 'Introducing Vigilant Audiences'. This collection of essays delves into the phenomenon of digital vigilantism: how digital audiences use online social platforms to shape social and political life.

In this podcast he talks about QAnon, 'Virus waarheid', pedophile hunters and more online phenomena that also play an increasingly important role in offline life.

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