Developing online counterpart of current on-campus programmes with ErasmusU_Online

Together with several EUR Schools, the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) is taking the lead in setting up accredited online (pre)master programmes in what is called ErasmusU_Online. This will be the online counterpart of the current on-campus programmes, with the same degree, the same programme and the same assessment.

The Executive Board has invited the CLI to further develop this initiative as an integral part of the EUR's Strategy2024.

Our ambition
ErasmusU_Online will primarily target students who would otherwise not be able to follow an on-campus EUR programme. The initiative will be reaching out to new audiences such as life-long learners and students who cannot come to the campus. In addition, ErasmusU_Online will increase flexibility for current students because they can take courses (e.g. electives, minors) in an asynchronous manner.

ErasmusU_Online aims to realise positive societal impact by:

  • engaging students in exploring themselves and their context and sharing it with their peers and teachers online (peer learning).
  • enabling students to personalise their (online) learning to a high degree, engaging them with societal challenges in their immediate and global context.
  • embracing the Erasmian values: feed the open minded and entrepreneurial attitudes of students and lecturers, facilitate connections and enable them to engage with society as true world citizens.

Fostering the innovation capacity
The moment is now to keep improving and building upon the innovations that many EUR lecturers developed during their shift from on-campus to online education. Their useful insights and best practices will be the foundation for ErasmusU_Online, together with the online experiences we already had in the previous years with MOOCs and blended formats.

Naturally, the regular EUR programmes are here to stay. ErasmusU_Online offers the best of both worlds for new groups of students, and current students by fostering the innovations of our own EUR lecturers and combining them with new and specific didactical models targeted at the online environment. Furthermore, ErasmusU_Online will give full attention to the student experience in the design of its online education: how can we help our students feel at home in the online programmes just as much as they would on campus?

Next steps
In the coming months, the project team will collaborate with the Schools to develop ErasmusU_Online step-by-step, such as which (pre)master programmes to start with. ErasmusU_Online will open with a concise number of online courses in September 2022.

More information

Curious about these next steps? The project team will give regular updates via the EUR channels. Please contact them if you have any further questions or comments:

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