Discussion on the annual budget now available to be seen online

The economy is very healthy, the pandemic seems to be at its end and people are returning to the office. How do experts look at these developments? This and the (un)deserved status of the Netherlands as a tax  haven were discussed at the annual budget discussion of 2021. The discussion was held at the Arminius church in Rotterdam and moderated by Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives at Erasmus School of Economics. 

In the first part of the evening, the development of the economy and smart choices concerning budget policy are evaluated by three experts: Roel Beetsma (professor of macro economics at the University of Amsterdam), Ester Barendregt (head economist of Rabobank) and Martin Visser (economist and journalist at the Financiële Telegraaf). 

In the second part of the evening, two topical subjects were discussed. Arjan Lejour (professor of taxes and public finance at Tilburg university) spoke about The Netherlands as a tax haven. Lastly, Eveline van Leeuwen (professor of urban economy at Wageningen University) elaborated on the concept of the city after the pandemic. 

More information

The discussion of the annual budget, 23 September 2021, can be watched here

Do you want to get to know professor Robert Dur? You can read an introductory article of him here

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