Dr. Mariangela Lavanga on circular economy, sustainability and fashion in newspaper Trouw

Dr. Lavanga was interviewed for the Dutch newspaper Trouw about the recent developments in the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability and the circular economy. The article opens with the Burberry case of last year. Last July, it came to the attention that Burberry had destroyed clothing, shoes and cosmetics with a total value of 31 million euros because these products 'would not sell'. Burberry had to deal with a lot of negativity and just now the topman of Burberry stated that from now on 100 percent of the materials that are left over will be reused or donated. 

Dr. Mariangela Lavanga, founder of the minor Fashion Industry at Erasmus University Rotterdam, explains that the circular economy is taking place more often in the fashion industry. An example of this is for example the remains of leather not being used will be sold to another company who can use it in new products. She elaborates on the idea that before a production process even starts, a brand should already have thought out where unsold products will go to. In the interview she mentions that the fashion industry is extremely polluting, but at the same time it is an innovative industry when it comes to new forms of sustainable textile. 

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