Erasmian values are anti-racist values

The recent worldwide protests against racial injustice along with COVID-19 have invited all of us to think carefully about what we owe each other as a society. For us, as a university, it also prompts us to think about our values, our role and our societal engagement.

Erasmian Values are anti-racist values

Our Erasmian values are clear. EUR stands fundamentally behind the creation of knowledge across all barriers of race, language, culture, and background. We believe in shared opportunities and in challenging discrimination and exclusion wherever they may be.

Our role is also clear; EUR is an institution driven to address societal challenges by the power of research, and allying it with policy and our wider community. Fulfilling our role, however, begins by speaking clearly about the challenge we face: 

That systemic racism remains as an ingrained stain on our society. 

We know this as our research has shown it continues to affect our health, education, how we watch sports and that sadly, minority ethnic groups will be disproportionally affected by the impact of COVID-19

But frankly, we also know it affects us as a community

So what do we as EUR owe to society?

We as a community can do better by not being blind to the structural barriers faced by minority ethnic members of the EUR community; and by taking responsibility to ensure fair opportunity for all.

By taking ownership to maintain an equal, diverse and inclusive community. One that empowers people to speak out against racism, and ensures that people who are disenfranchised feel safe to speak out, are listened to, and can be supported.

That way, we can continue the fight against racism in all its forms. For this is one societal challenge we shall overcome together.

Stay safe.

The Executive Board:
Hans Smits
Rutger Engels
Roelien Ritsema van Eck

Chief Diversity Officer
Semiha Denktaş

On behalf of the University Council:
Hans van den Berg
Zohra Hayat
Teun van den Akker
Ana Uribe Sandoval
John van Wel

More information

For more information about EUR initiatives regarding inclusion please consult the Diversity & Inclusion pages

For suggestions and for how to get involved within faculties please contact your faculty diversity officer.

If unfortunately, you have faced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour or you wish to receive support, please consult these pages regarding confidential counsellors and our complaints proceedure

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