Final phase of Erasmus University campus development

Erasmus University Rotterdam is emphatically dotting the ‘i’ with the completion of a renovated campus. Next year the final phase of campus renovation will commence to create an international study, work and living environment. This final phase will include the renovation of a large number of study rooms and workplaces, more green space and sustainable energy and possibly a new sports centre and new student housing. 

The third and final phase of the campus renovation (Campus under Construction) until 2021 includes a series of larger and smaller projects. This includes renovation of classrooms, offices and systems in the Tinbergen building, the monumental and characteristic high-rise building on campus Woudestein. The ambition is to achieve the BREEHAM sustainability indicator of ‘excellent’. The meeting and conference rooms will also be upgraded in the Tinbergen and Van der Goot buildings. Moreover, more room will be added for green space on the campus with the demolition of various buildings.

Sports centre and student housing
Additionally, work is underway on facilitating new student housing. This will be done by leasing out land to a market party that will house students. Once realised, the campus will have a total of 650 residences.

Research will also be carried out into a new sports centre, and based on the results this building will possibly be realised. The current sports centre is at the end of its life cycle. The use of the sports facilities is increasing rapidly: there are now more than 10,000 cardholders at Erasmus Sport. Discussions are ongoing with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences regarding further cooperation on the campus, whereby increased use of sports facilities is a realistic option. Other projects in the third phase of Campus under Construction include better signage and further realisation of heat and cold storage.


University Council
On 31 May 2016 the University Council approved the investment in the third phase of Campus under Construction. The final portion of the campus renovation will require a total investment of €149 million through 2021. The demolition of buildings will result in savings of €2.3 million annually due to the use of less floor space. In addition, Erasmus University adheres to the standard of a maximum of 13% of the budget for housing.

About Campus under Construction
Since 2010 Erasmus University Rotterdam has been working on creating a lively and sustainable campus with an international atmosphere, in line with strategic ambitions. In 2013, for example, the new campus heart was opened at the intersection of the two new central axes of campus Woudestein: Institutenlaan and Erasmus Plaza. The second part of that boulevard, where more than 1,000 cars can be parked out of sight, was recently opened. The Erasmus Pavillion and new student housing have also been created.

To make working and studying even more pleasant, the campus has been enriched over the past years with, among other things, the striking Polak education building and the Food Plaza. Currently, work is ongoing on a park on the northern side of the campus (delivery autumn 2016) and the renovation of the University Library and Sanders Building (delivery early 2017), which will include a moot court facility. The investments in a new campus are starting to bear fruit: students are spending 10% more time on campus than before the renovation, there has been much praise from international students (results International Student Barometer) and in 2014 Erasmus University received the Falco Award for best outdoor space.

Bart Straatman, Member of the Executive Board: “With this final phase, we are placing the strong finishing touch on the campus renovation. Over the past years, we have taken major steps in the realisation of a campus where it is pleasant to study, work and live in an international environment. I enjoy walking around here very much. In 2020 we will have also addressed the final issues. I look forward to completing this wonderful project that has already brought Erasmus University Rotterdam much further.”

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