Five days of waiting for the best spot with “The Boss”

Simone Driessen comments on Bruce Springsteen fans in Editie NL
Concert at night
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Dr. Simone Driessen, media scientist at Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC), was visited at home by Editie NL to comment on Bruce Springsteen fans, who are camping for days in front of the Amsterdam ArenA for the upcoming concerts of "The Boss". She appeared in the Editie NL broadcast on Tuesday 23 May.

Fans are sleeping in front of the venue for five days, to get the best possible spots. The fans even figured out a system to make entering fair and are in contact with the Bruce Springsteen’s security. The Vereniging van Evenementenmakers (Association of Event Planners) is not happy with this ‘crazy’ fans. But are they crazy? “You are an above-average fan if you are willing to put up with this, that’s for sure,” Simone says. She explains this is actually a fairly common phenomenon. “Normally Bruce is an unreachable celebrity, but during the concert fans will have some time with him and are able to admire him up close.”

Watch the item on the RTL XL website, Simone appears in the last item (in Dutch).

Portrait picture of Simone Driessen
Dr. Simone Driessen

Simone is a lecturer at ESHCC in International & Global Communication, Communication as a Social Force, and Media Entertainment & Popular Culture. One of her specialisations is fans behaviour in popular culture.


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