Foto Museum with expo ‘Stay Healthy’!

From 1 June up to 30 August, the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents amongst others, work made by Paulien Oltheten: Stay Healthy (2020)

Stay Healthy

The work Stay Healthy coincides with the current affairs. All of sudden, the public domain has entered a whole new perspective in 2020. Stay Healthy is a series of 15 short video portraits in which Oltheten shows a variety of interpretations and the manners and etiquette that people in and around Amsterdam show towards one another.

Because of the worldwide pandemic and the call to stay indoors, TAAK initiates the series ‘In Quarantaine’ in which artists are given the opportunity to share their reflections, thoughts, and ideas about these extraordinary times in text, audio and images.

Paulien Oltheten is one of the artists who was invited by TAAK to create new work during the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing this, Oltheten seeks examples of human contact within this silence and sterility. Compared to other countries, the Netherlands allows individuals relatively much space to adopt the measures to one's own idea

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