Inge Hutter reappointed as Rector of ISS

The Executive Board of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam has reappointed Professor Inge Hutter as Rector of the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague. Professor Hutter’s new term will be from 1 August 2019 until 1 August 2023. 

According to the Executive Board, Professor Hutter has, during her first term, positioned ISS on the international stage as a leading institute in the field of development studies. She has also done much work for stimulating multidisciplinary research in the Erasmus Initiatives. ISS takes part in the Erasmus Initiative ‘Vital Cities and Citizens’. ISS received excellent scores in the recent research evaluation. Namely, very high quality research, with excellent societal relevance and an excellent and viable research programme.

During her second term, Professor Hutter intends to further consolidate the Institute’s research and education and its societal relevance, also in collaboration with the other relevant research groups at Erasmus University and beyond. The aim is to further develop ISS as an institute where public engagement is embedded in the core activities.

'Erasmus University aspires to be a university that is firmly anchored in society. I believe that the ISS plays an important supportive role here'

Professor Inge Hutter (ISS)

International environment

Inge Hutter says she is honoured with her reappointment: “I am still very pleased with the decision I made in 2015 to join the ISS and move to The Hague.  Working in a truly international environment is a privilege that I enjoy.  When I enter our building each day and interact with students and staff from all over the world, I feel as if I am ‘stepping in to the world’.  A fantastic feeling!

Erasmus University aspires to be a university that is firmly anchored in society. I believe that the ISS plays an important supportive role here with its critical social scientific approach and the high level of societal relevance of its research and education. Not only in the global South but increasingly also in the city of The Hague and the metropole region The Hague – Rotterdam.

I look forward to further developing ISS together with the ISS community, into the The Hague campus of Erasmus University - ‘Erasmus by the Sea’.”

The ISS Institute Council has responded positively to Inge Hutter’s reappointment.

About Inge Hutter

Before becoming Rector of ISS, Professor Hutter was Dean of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG), and Professor of  Demographics. She graduated in 1988 on the subject of Non-Western Demographics (University of Groningen, NL) and Cultural Anthropology (University of Utrecht).  In 1994, she received her Doctoral degree ‘cum laude’  from the University of Groningen. Her Doctoral thesis examined the nutrition of pregnant women in the countryside of Southern India.

Her research interests include populations, death and health, reproduction and heath, and the ways is which these are embedded in cultural meaning systems. She has also performed research in the area of population aging and migration. She has lived, performed research and undertaken consultancy work in Cameroon, India and Malawi.

Professor Hutter has a solid track record in obtaining funding for research and capacity building. She is an experience lecturer and promotor for PhD students from many countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan and The Netherlands.

About ISS

ISS is an international, academic institute for research and education in the area of development studies. ISS is part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. ISS students – some 200 MA students and 120 PhD candidates – hail from more than 60 countries, the majority coming from the ‘global South’. ISS works in close cooperation with universities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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