Joost Nan appointed as Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law

Joost Nan

As of 1 January 2022, Joost Nan is appointed as Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law (0.2 fte) at Erasmus School of Law for a period of five years. The chair offers the opportunity to research financial-economic crime from the context of criminal (procedural) law and thus provide the necessary frameworks to combat this form of crime. 

Nan has been affiliated with Erasmus School of Law as Assistant Professor since 2013 and as Associate Professor of Criminal Law since 2017. In addition, he has been active as a (cassation) lawyer (of criminal law) at Wladimiroff Advocaten for over eighteen years. The combination of his academic career and criminal law practice has made Nan a versatile expert in the field of criminal (procedural) law. The chair combines two components of criminal law, which Nan is mostly focused on in both his teaching and research: the modernisation of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the ever-increasing relevance of financial and economic criminal law.

Fighting financial-economic crime

Financial-economic crime takes many forms, including bribery, money laundering, and fraud offences. Fighting this has become increasingly important for (national and local) criminal law policy because this form of crime poses a threat to the stability of society and the financial and economic sector. Perpetrators can be individuals as well as companies. Action is taken in the fight against financial-economic crime through a combination of general and special criminal law legislation. Enforcement practice has also been structured differently than in the case of general criminal law. Finally, crimes such as money laundering have a broader scope: the investigation and prosecution contribute to the fact that these crimes do not pay.

Research objective

As Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law, specifically Financial-Economic Criminal Law, Nan will be focused on the increasing role of general criminal (procedural) law in tackling financial-economic crime and the modernisation of criminal (procedural) law.

Nan is excited about his appointment: “This is my most important dossier, by far.”

Tackling financial-economic crime requires an interdisciplinary approach and must be considered in a broader context. This fits seamlessly with the ambition of the Department of Law, Society & Crime. The chair also strengthens the School profile of Erasmus School of Law, in which the motto Where law meets business is at the core.

The board of Erasmus School of Law congratulates Joost Nan on his appointment and wishes him good luck with his activities.

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