Kick-off brainstorm session Vision on Online Education EUR 2020

On Thursday, 31 March the first brainstorm session took place with the Vision Group as sponsors of the Vision on Online Education.

The objective of this first meeting was to exchange thoughts on Online Education and what direction this would take, according to the Vision Group. An additional objective of the meeting was to once again bring this topic to the attention of the Vision Group.

Using a scenario where EUR will be the number one in the area of Online Education in 2020 as a point of departure, participants were asked to contemplate the process needed to achieve this position at the top. View the report for an impression of the session.

Members enthusiastically took on the task of individually thinking completely out of the box with regard to online education. After about 20 minutes the group was divided into two subgroups to continue discussions on the joint vision, the brilliant ideas, and the similarities and differences. The chair of each group then presented mood boards to the entire group. The synergy between both groups is apparent in the Vision Group’s first scribe.

The picture that emerged prompted different questions that we as the EUR community have to answer together. The question regarding the position of online education in EUR’s education landscape is a particularly interesting one. The Vision Group asks for a more defined direction and a clear course en route to 2020. A second session has been organised to determine this direction. Preparations for this will be made in the coming weeks. At the same time we will also launch a campaign where students and lecturers can share their vision on online education in 2020 using voxpops (short videos no longer than one minute). A number of students and lecturers will then be invited for a customer journey session where we create a narrative description of the needs and wishes of a student/lecturer. The results of the second session and the voxpops will subsequently be used as a foundation for a third session. The third session is intended for a broader public and invitations for the third session will be sent out soon.

If you would like to participate in the third session, please send an e-mail to

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