Kristel Baele does the first recording in the new studio

Kristel Baele

After a period of intensive programming, training and testing, the new studio at the Erasmus Education Lab is finally in use. Kristel Baele, president of the Executive Board, was the first to experience the state-of-the-art possibilities. She recorded a new year’s message for Chinese scientists and students who will come to the Netherlands for a big event. This event collides with the Chinese New Year.

Everything in the studio is lightning-fast (IP-based): Studio 2 and 3 where you can record autonomously, as well as the large recording studio (Studio 1). All three studios have facilities to broadcast our scientists (live) on national or commercial stations (radio and TV). For instance, for a quote of an EUR-scientist in a news broadcast or talk show.

Besides that, you can do professional recordings to innovate or enhance education. For example knowledge clips, instructional videos or even a complete MOOC (massive online open course).

Want to record in the hyper-modern studio?

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