The Library supports Open Access in more ways than you might know

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Every year the University Library makes so-called Open Access pledges. A pledge can mean combining funding with other universities to make upcoming books Open Access, or providing funding so some of our current journal subscriptions can make the switch to open.

The University Library is a large supporter of Open Access publishing at the EUR, for example through the Publisher Deals, sharing publications in the EUR & Erasmus MC Research Information Portal, and the Erasmus Open Access Fund. However, there are more ways to support Open Access publishing: making a financial pledge.

When we make a pledge, we combine funds with other university libraries to cover the costs associated with publishing books or journals in Open Access. 

This year MIT Press will publish 79 eBooks in Open Access in part due to our financial support. Bloomsbury will publish 10 titles of their 'African Studies and International Development' eBooks in Open Access due to our pledge, and Knowledge Unlatched their 2024 eBook collection on SDG 13: Climate Action. We also continue to support Open Access journals, such as ‘Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis', ‘Sociologie’, and the 14 journals in the Berghahn Open Anthro collection.

Without library pledges, all these books and journals would have been published under a regular sales model. Now Open Access has become available for more authors based in the Global South, helping to amplify their voices and secure worldwide access to their work.

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