MicroLab Summerfestival 2022 “Join the learning journey”

The past two years have made us think critically rethink our education as never before. Together we came out stronger and are now treading in new uncharted waters thinking about the future of our education. Luckily, we can see each other live again!

So, let us climb those educational mountains, surf the educational waves, and join us on your own educational tour during the MicroLab Summerfestival from 4 to 8 July 2022!

During the MicroLab Summerfestival, you are invited to join MicroLabs, and webinars of your choice related to educational design, delivery, assessment, or guiding the learning process of your students. A wide range of topics is covered! Have a look at the festival schedule to see what MicroLabs fit your needs or sign up for the MicroLabs of your choice here.

Join us while we:

  • explore innovative design ideas for your education
  • experience the importance of impact education
  • create concrete plans and products for your education

MicroLab Summerfestival kick-off event

On the 4th of July, 10:30 – 11:30 we will start with a joint kick-off called “The demise of the physical campus?”. A teacher panel event where the future of the physical campus will be discussed together with our colleagues Zouhair Hammana (ESHCC), Marloes Nederhand (ESSB) and Sam Rijken (EsPhil). We would like to invite you to join this discussion in the Education Lab. Register here for the event!

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