More than 4000 secondary-school students participate in a learning programme through the Science Education Hub

PHOTO: Jouk Oosterhof
Jouk Oosterhof

Taking college-level classes when you’re in primary school? Tilly Schildt (65) and Rowan Huijgen (29) are working together with student teachers like Justin Poels (22) to bring science into the classroom. "A guest teacher who’s still studying – it works."

It’s a great success: every year, more than 4000 secondary-school students from all over Zuid Holland participate in a learning programme at the Erasmus University Rotterdam through the Science Education Hub. These young students are often very impressed when visiting the university for the first time. "Wow, it looks like a cinema in here!" called one student on seeing a lecture hall. The Science Education Hub brings young students to the university and in turn sends university students to their schools. There’s different programmes available for students between 9 and 18 years old: everything from one-off lectures to a seminar series designed for whatever purpose.

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