A new era of Global Health research and teaching at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

Hoe bepaal je de waarde van e-health?

Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management is making significant investments to boost Global Health research and teaching. Matthias Rieger will join the School as Theme Chair Global Health. He will develop the new “Global Health Theme” together with Igna Bonfrer, Director of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI).

Matthias Rieger is an economist with interests in economic development and health as well as behavioral economics. He has a strong track record in field and policy experiments with partners across multiple countries and disciplines in the Global South. These experiments have informed development and health policies at both the global and local level. 

Matthias is “excited to join ESHPM with its long tradition of addressing health inequalities around the world and its interdisciplinary spirit.” He is keen to establish new global health partnerships in education, research & policy advice, as well as three lines of research including a global health behaviors and field experiment lab, health policy evaluations using mixed methods and a knowledge translation initiative.

An even stronger magnet

Igna Bonfrer, Associate Professor of Global Health Economics at ESHPM, with extensive expertise in international health systems, has been pivotal in establishing ESHPM as one of the key players in the Global Health arena. “In recent years, we have attracted PhD talents from Latin America, Asia and now also Africa. I expect ESHPM to become an even stronger magnet for those interested in fostering outstanding research and teaching, for example on equitable access to quality health care for all.”

Igna Bonfrer, the researcher participating research on Quality of Care for Chronic Conditions.

ESHPM partners with the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus School of Economics and Erasmus Medical Centre in the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative. 

“Members at these four institutes bridge disciplinary boundaries to analyze global health challenges from the level of the virus to the health center, from health service logistics to governance, and from inequalities to population health outcomes. The research and teaching we do in our international partnerships, contribute to co-creation, strengthening evidence-based policy making and building capacity in global health worldwide.” says Igna Bonfrer.

ESHPM’s new investments in Global Health will create positive societal impact and will further hone RGHI’s mission and collaboration between schools.

Associate professor
Associate professor
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The Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI) is the multi-disciplinary global health research and education network of Erasmus University and Erasmus MC. Read more about this Initiative.

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