One year later: a review of the coronavirus policy in the Netherlands


In an article for the journal Health Economics, Policy and Law, Dr. Iris Wallenburg and Prof. Roland Bal, reflect on one year of corona policy in the Netherlands from a health system perspective.

The article, which is a collaboration with together with researchers Dr. Jan-Kees Helderman and Prof. Patrick Jeurissen from Radboud University, is a follow-up from the Cambridge blogs they published during the past year.

The researchers show how during the first wave a collective response to the pandemic was possible, in which the various parties knew how to find each other. Later, this collective response fragmented and underlying differences became more visible, resulting in a cacophony of experts and policy. The question for the future is how to bring together the different interests and expertise. The current discussion on vaccine policy shows that this will not be so easy.

Interested in reading more? You can find the entire article here.

Assistant professor

Dr. Iris Wallenburg

Assistant professor

Prof. Roland Bal


Dr. Jan-Kees Helderman


Prof. Patrick Jeurissen

More information

The article detailing this study has been published in Health Economics, Policy and Law on March 5, 2021.

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