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Music festival Lowlands always includes a very extensive science programme. This year, Erasmus University Rotterdam contributes no less than three items: 'Club Womb' on contraception, Professor Eveline Crone talks to minister Robbert Dijkgraaf and there is a test to see which music works best as medicine.

Mental malaise among young people

Young people experience a lot of pressure on several fronts and, as a result, their mental well-being is not doing well. Professor of Developmental Psychology Eveline Crone discusses this with the Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf. Eveline Crone has dedicated her career to the future of young people. Here, she combines her field of study, adolescent brain development, with social issues.

The conversation between Eveline Crone and Robbert Dijkgraaf is on Sunday 20 August at 15:40 in the Echo tent.


Club Womb

In 'Club Womb', researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and Amsterdam UMC will find out what the knowledge about, use of and experiences with contraception are of visitors at Lowlands. By using theatre, the researchers creatively collect data on the experiences and choices with contraception. Visitors are welcomed by flamboyantly dressed club owners of the exclusive 'Club Womb' who create an open atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and safe. This 'sex-positive' project was developed for the festival by, among others, Clair Enthoven of the Erasmus Love Lab.

Club Womb can be visited continuously during the festival.

Music as medicine

It has been proven that music can reduce pain, anxiety and stress. But what is the best type of music for that? ESHCC researchers Julian Schaap, Michaël Berghman and Femke Vandenberg and Erasmus MC researchers Emy van der Valk Bouman and Antonia Becker set out to find the answer to that question. They will do this through an experiment in which Lowlands goers will have to hold their hand in a tub of ice-cold water for as long as possible while listening to different types of music.

The research will take place continuously during the festival.

See the entire science programme at Lowlands.

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In 'Club Womb', researchers will find out the knowledge about, use of and experiences with contraception of visitors at Lowlands
Scientists of ESHCC and ErasmusMC will research the effect of music on undergoing pain at Lowlands Science, during Lowlands 2023.
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