dr. (Julian) JCF Schaap


Julian Schaap (Rotterdam, 1988) is assistant professor sociology of music at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. His research focuses on stratification and well-being in cultural production and consumption practices, with popular music in particular. For more information, please see: julianschaap.eu

Combining cognitive and cultural sociology with the sociology of ethno-racial/gender stratification, Julian studied the (re)production of whiteness and masculinity of rock music reception for his dissertation research. For this project, entitled Elvis has finally left the building? Boundary work, whiteness and the reception of rock music in comparative perspective, he received grants from NWO, Fulbright (for a visiting scholarship at Emory University, Atlanta, GA) and the Erasmus Trustfonds. He defended his dissertation (cum laude) in October 2019 and received multiple awards for his work, including the Praemium Erasmianum Dissertation Prize 2020 and the Erasmus University Research Award 2020. In 2018, Julian published a book on gender inequality in metal music production, together with Pauwke Berkers (ESHCC).

Aside from teaching various courses in sociology of culture, Julian is co-organizer of a recurring series of artistic symposia called Music Talks, and he is coordinator of the educational minor program Mu$ic: The economy, sociology and practice of popular music, a unique collaboration between Codarts University of the Arts and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Research interests: *culture, stratification, well-being, popular music*

Onderzoeksinteresses: *cultuur, ongelijkheid, welzijn, populaire muziek*

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Assistant professor | Department of Arts and Culture Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Julian Schaap (30 December 2020) - De Nieuws BV. Jongeren en corona.
  • Julian Schaap & Britt Swartjes (3 December 2020) - Music Talks: Festivals and Corona
  • Julian Schaap (5 November 2020) - Vraag het een wetenschapper: Zijn we allemaal racist?
  • Julian Schaap (14 October 2020) - N8W8 Red de nacht
  • Julian Schaap (30 September 2020) - Zelfs Covid-19 houdt het dansen niet tegen
  • Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap (1 May 2019) - Metal: meer muziek voor mannen
  • Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap (9 April 2019) - Despite Damning New Research, Women In Country Music Have It Better Than Most
  • Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap (13 December 2018) - Interview Kat Katz metalzangers: ‘Ik was de intimidatie door mannen beu’
  • Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap (4 November 2018) - Het oorverdovende gebrul van metal: Voer voor de wetenschap
  • Julian Schaap (7 September 2018) - Whitewashing; racisme of menselijke reactie?

  • Julian Schaap (2020) - Music and wellbeing in Covid times
  • Michael Berghman, Julian Schaap, Koen Eijck, Willem Koster & Jeroen Waal (2020) - Learning from Latency in Sociological Research: Using the Implicit Association Test to make sense of Timed-Surveys
  • Julian Schaap (2019) - Diversity in music
  • Julian Schaap (2019) - De kleur van muziek
  • Julian Schaap (2019) - Luisteren in Zwart-Wit
  • Julian Schaap & Pauwke Berkers (2019) - Gender inequality in metal music production
  • Julian Schaap (2019) - Elvis has finally left the building? The sociology of race/ethnicity and popular music
  • Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap (2018) - Vrouwen met gitaren – Waarom het zo lastig is om het als vrouw te maken in de mannenwereld van de metalmuziek (en hoe dat anders moet)
  • Julia Peters & Julian Schaap (2018) - The Bearable Lightness of Being, or “Shit Happens”: The Ironic Worldview as a Means for Coping with Life, Death and Suffering
  • Julian Schaap & Pauwke Berkers (2018) - Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production

  • JCF (Julian) Schaap (2021) - New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2021
  • Jacco van Sterkenburg, Amanda Paz Alencar, Julian Schaap & Pauwke Berkers (2021) - KNAW Science Communication Grant. Main applicant.
  • Julian Schaap (2020) - Erasmus University Research Prize 2020
  • Julian Schaap (2020) - Praemium Erasmianum Foundation Dissertation Prize
  • Julian Schaap (2019) - EGSH Best Thesis Award 2019

Codarts Hogeschool

Start date approval
August 2022
End date approval
August 2025

Sociology of Arts and Culture A

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Popular Music: Industry & Society

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BA-2, BA-2, BA-3, BA-3, Minor
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Popular Music: Industry & Society

Year Level
BA-2, BA-2, BA-3, BA-3, Minor
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The Popular Music Hit Song Project

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News regarding dr. (Julian) JCF Schaap

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Julian Schaap bij De Nacht van...

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Researchers of ESHCC and Erasmus MC research the effect of music on undergoing pain at Lowlands Science, during Lowlands 2023.
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EUR is making three contributions to Lowlands this year. In 'Club Womb', for example, professor Eveline Crone speaks with outgoing minister Robbert Dijkgraaf.

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