Researchers at Lowlands to test contraception knowledge


What do you know about contraceptives? Many people use contraception when they have sex, but far from everyone is happy with it and there is little talk about it. Researchers at Lowlands are going to change that. In 'Club Womb', researchers from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Erasmus MC and the Amsterdam UMC will find out what visitors at Lowlands know about, use and experience with contraception.

In the Netherlands, one in five women have been unintentionally pregnant at some point in their lives. An unintended pregnancy can come from bad luck, misuse or non-use of contraception by both women and men. With this project, we contribute to making informed choices about contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies, and mental and physical complaints caused by contraception, in a way that suits individuals' wishes.

Theatre form as a research method

Through the use of theatre, the researchers creatively collect data on contraceptive experiences and choices. Visitors are welcomed by flamboyantly dressed club owners of the exclusive 'Club Womb', who create an open atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and safe. In the club, 'Doctor Corrie' tests knowledge about contraception and tells all about it.  With a self-selected magnified contraceptive device, such as a hoop as a nuvaring, or a disposable mackintosh as a condom, one can dance safely to the sexy beats of the silent disco DJ. Visitors are invited to draw their contraception life history and write unvarnished opinions about contraceptives on the walls. These will be collected for research.

This 'sex-positive' project has been created by, among others Clair Enthoven of the Erasmus Love Lab developed for Lowlands.

The results of this study 'Perception about Contraception' are important for GPs, gynaecologists, midwives and, above all, for Lowlands visitors themselves.

Clair Enthoven is a postdoc at the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens 

In the media

New Scientist – August 2023.

More information

Marjolein Kooistra, communications ESSB, | 06 83676038

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