Seeing the world as a greater whole

Law and Philosophy student Crystalina Agyeman about student life with a Double Degree


Crystalina Agyeman is a Double Degree student: she combines a bachelor in Philosophy with a bachelor in Law. She told us what this program has brought her so far.

“Maybe it is all a big system which we are living in. Perhaps we are brought and influenced by the media in such a way, that we are forced to take a certain path in life. Even though we think we have a free will, we just have a free will within certain limits.” Crystalina gives us an example of the reasonings she spontaneously has sometimes. She probably would never have thought like this, until she started a Double Degree in Philosophy in 2017. Since then, thinking deeper about such big issues or questioning smaller, daily issues has become a normal practice for her.

"If I can't make it to a class, I can watch them online later."

The freedom to plan

“My first year as a Law student went smoothly, so I decided to challenge myself a bit more. I tried Tax Law, which turned out to be the wrong choice for me. So, I started studying Philosophy instead and I don’t regret it! I always want to get the most out of my student life, of course in terms of education as well. In general, my days are quite busy, as I do a lot of extracurricular stuff. Therefore, it is challenging at times, but it is very doable to combine Philosophy and Law. The Double Degree is really flexible: you can choose which courses you are going to follow in each term, so you can practically plan your own study.”

Lectures in the evening

What makes Philosophy so easy to combine with other majors, is the planning of the lectures: these all take place in the evening. “In the morning, I always go to a class of Law. Then in the afternoon I study or work and, in the evening, I go to my Philosophy class. That is my schedule for two times a week. And if, for whatever reason, this is not manageable, I can watch the recordings of the lectures at another moment that suits me.”

Which course or subject was the most interesting thus far? Crystalina doesn’t have to think long and hard about that: “At one of our classeswe talked about African philosophers and how they view the world. That was very interesting to me, as I am Ghanaian myself. Normally, philosophers describe a relatively Western view. However, I think that different perspectives are what makes philosophy powerful and what enables you to view the world as a greater whole.”

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