Studying the Living Lab Scheveningen

Surveillance on the beach

By ginger coons 

Since October, AI-MAPS researchers have been studying the exciting developments taking place at Living Lab Scheveningen (LLS). LLS is situated along the Scheveningen Boulevard, a tourist hotspot, but also encompasses a protected natural area of coastal dunes. Among other goals, Living Lab Scheveningen is working on implementing technologies which improve public safety on the Scheveningen Boulevard, a location which frequently has crowds and hosts public events. This public safety focus is why AI-MAPS researchers were so keen to visit, talk with stakeholders working within LLS, and understand how and why developments at Scheveningen are happening.

We explored the Boulevard and dunes first as un-informed visitors in a public space, an approach which allowed us to see the space through fresh eyes and without assumptions. Later (and with our canine co-researcher Snoopy), we toured some of the technological features of LLS, including "Smart City Hubs" which integrate sensing devices like cameras and noise sensors into streamlined street furniture. Seeing LLS from on the ground and observing the way smart city technologies are being integrated into public space and municipal infrastructure is helping us develop the concept of the "AI-cology", and is serving as a testbed for the way we study our other cases.

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