There will definitely be a Eurekaweek in 2020

The Eurekaweek Board is doing everything it can to give new students a warm welcome in Rotterdam. “We want to introduce students to the city and to each other in every possible way, so that they can start their student life in a good way,” says Sander Doude van Troostwijk, chairman of the Eurekaweek board. T

The introduction week will take place during the original dates: August 17-20. In addition, there is an international day on August 16 that is only intended for international students. Because of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, an alternative programme for Eurekaweek has been devised. As of June 1st, prospective students can register for the Eurekaweek.

A massive opening in Ahoy, a festival, parties at student associations, sports and games on the athletics track. Inevitably there are elements of the traditional Eurekaweek that cannot be set up this year. However, the university and the Eurekaweek Board find it extremely important that new students receive a warm welcome in Rotterdam, also this year. "The Eurekaweek has to be an unforgettable start of your student life and this is exactly what we want to offer to prospective students," says Sander.

Blended Eurekaweek

In the past weeks, the Board has worked hard on an alternative programme. The so-called "Blended Eurekaweek" will consist of two parts. First of all, an interactive digital platform, where students can get to know each other, associations and other parties. In addition, like every year, students will participate in the week in a group. Think of a city tour and picnics in small groups and at an appropriate distance. The main goal remains that students get to know the university, the city and each other. Eurekaweek is also the most important time for sports and student associations to recruit members, they will also be given the chance to do so during the program.

“Eurekaweek should be a memorable start of your student life and we want to offer that to new students this year as well."

Sander Doude van Troostwijk

Chairman Eurekaweek 2020

An unforgettable introduction time!

"The corona crisis affects us all and of course a cancellation of the Eurekaweek is insignificant if you look at the situation in hospitals or nursing homes," says Sander. “Yet it is really harsh if you have been looking forward to the Eurekaweek as a start to your student life and it cannot continue as you imagined. Besides, you probably have also missed out on graduation parties or trips. Thus, we hope to give prospective students an unforgettable introduction time.”

Register in advance

The official registration for the Eurekaweek starts on June 1st  and the board hopes for as many registrants as possible: "You really don't want to miss this!" Until then it is already possible for prospective students to pre-register. " Several thousand students have already done this, so this year it promises to be yet another great Eurekaweek,” says Sander.

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