Three new CLI Fellows to improve and innovate education

We have recently welcomed three new Fellows to the Community for Learning & Innovation: Tim Benning (ESE), Jurgen Damen (Erasmus MC) and Léonie Ridderstap (ESHCC).  Currently, more than 30 CLI Fellows are active in projects to innovate education, and in research contributing to evidence-based innovation.

We would like to congratulate the new Fellows on their new research projects. Below you can read more about them and their projects.

Tim Benning - How to reduce free-riding? Creating a checklist to support the design of group projects.

Tim Benning is an economist with a MSc degree (2006) and PhD degree (2011) in Marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a first grade teaching degree from VU University Amsterdam (2017). He has research and teaching experience in the areas of Business Economics (Marketing) and Health Economics. Currently, he is a teacher (of the tutor academy) at the department of applied economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As CLI Fellow, Tim is researching how free-riding can be reduced.

Suppose that you want to create a group project. Where do you start? In this project, Tim aims to provide course coordinators support with the creation of group projects by developing a checklist that takes into account three important criteria: (1) practicability (i.e. current rules and common practice at the EUR), (2) the likelihood of reduced free-riding, and (3) the expected acceptance by students. To complete this checklist, Tim will have interviews with programme/course coordinators and students at the EUR. Furthermore, he will perform a literature review on methods to reduce free-riding and investigate students’ preferences for different group projects by means of a discrete choice experiment. Course coordinators can use the checklist to create generally accepted group projects that minimize free riding.

Léonie Ridderstap - It takes two: the role of co-regulation in building students’ self-regulated learning skills

Léonie Ridderstap is a Learning & Innovation Consultant at the ESHCC and an educational researcher. She provides didactical expertise to ESHCC’s lecturers and school management on educational innovation, and works closely with teaching staff to design, develop and implement educational interventions. As CLI Fellow, Léonie researches the role of co-regulation in building students’ self-regulated learning skills.

Effective study behaviours are crucial to academic success but in order to become a self-regulated learner, students need support, both in the classroom and during self-study. The purpose of this research project is to investigate how students’ study behaviour can be supported. The current project investigates whether co-regulation - by offering several sources of support in the learning environment - encourages students to become self-regulated learners. Findings contribute to lecturer professionalization activities and the development of design principles for the effective instructional support of self-regulated learning.

Jurgen Damen - The work and learning results of the 'clinical challenge tool' in Medicine Bachelor 3

Jurgen Damen is a teacher clinical reasoning at the Erasmus MC. Teaching clinical skills in the Bachelor of Medicine has a prominent place. These students have limited contact with pathological sounds. This is why Erasmus MC uses the innovative Clinical challenge app.

Jurgen Damen researches how the learning analytics of this app relate to the learning outcomes of the students. He investigates whether the learning analytics can help teachers to realise adaptive education. In addition, he investigates whether this educational innovation can be used as a testing instrument in the skills test. Here, students take an aptitude test before entering the clinical phase.

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