Want to change our university for the better? Join the Innovation Jam!

As students, you have been following your learning journey at Erasmus University as many students have before you. However, more and more is starting to change in the society around us- just think of digitization and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. This means that, to remain relevant now and in the future, our university must innovate.

Many questions go through our mind. Can we find more flexible ways to balance online and offline education? Do we need to explore the Metaverse for new education alternatives, Mixed Reality media or perhaps gamify education? And what will the jobs of the future look like? How can we organize education for those jobs of the future? Issues where everyone has their own ideas or expectations. For sure you too! Whatever it might be for you, we want you to create your version of the future of education.

The Community for Learning and Innovation invites you to the Innovation Jam, which will be held from the 19th to the 20th of May, 2022!

Together with other students, you will explore one of three challenges of your choosing:

  1. 1. Academic integrity
  2. 2. Future jobs
  3. 3. Student Experience

You will work on a joint proposal addressing one of the challenges, which you will present in front of renowned education leaders of EUR, and will get an opportunity to have your proposal flourish into your own entrepreneurship.

It is not often that students are able to design the education they want to receive- but this event changes that. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up here and create the education of the future!

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