Parking charges

Parking charges employees

Employees can pay special employees’ parking rates with a parking permit. See 'Parking' for more information.

Parking charges students and visitors

Parking charges for students and visitors are listed below. Some post-initial and commercial programmes issue top-up cards to their students. Exits cards can be ordered for guests of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

The parking rate on the campus is € 1.00 per twenty minutes. The maximum day fee is € 10.00. Theses rates are valid until 1 January 2023. See table below for all rates.

Parking time

Parking fee 2022

0-19 minutesFree entrance and exit
20-40 minutes€ 1.00
40-60 minutes€ 1.50
60-80 minutes€ 2.00
80-100 minutes€ 2.50
100-120 minutes€ 3.00
120-140 minutes€ 3.50
140-160 minutes€ 4.00
160-180 minutes€ 4.50
180-200 minutes€ 5.00
200-220 minutes€ 5.50
220-240 minutes€ 6.00
240-260 minutes€ 6.50
260-280 minutes€ 7.00
280-300 minutes€ 7.50
300-320 minutes€ 8.00
320-340 minutes€ 8.50
340-360 minutes€ 9.00
360-380 minutes€ 9.50
380 minutes to a maximum of 1 day€ 10.00

Exit cards

Exits cards can be ordered for guests of EUR. There are 2 rates:

  1. The internal fee: € 3.50 per card (for EUR divisions, the companies under the EUR holding company and RSM B.V.)
  2. The external fee: € 5.00 per card (for all other parties).

Internal exit cards

Internal exit cards can be ordered from Parking Services using the Application Form Internal Exit Cards. Exit cards for visitors attending an event can be ordered from the Rooms & Facilities Bookings team of Real Estate & Facilities.

Parking rates for post-initial students / commercial programmes

There is a fixed short-stay parking rate for post-initial students and students on commercial programmes. The programme in question can issue top-up cards to students to park at a reduced rate and in a more user-friendly way. This means that students pay a daily rate of € 3.50 and do not have to pay at a pay machine. You can apply for the top-up card at your programme. 

Parking charges tenants

Non-EUR companies that rent accommodation from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) can apply for parking permits for their employees. The parking permit is free of charge. The day fee for parking on Campus Woudestein is € 5.00. The costs of parking space(s) including parking cards for external tenants are arranged by agreement. The parking permit is registered in the name of the company’s employee and is valid for an arranged term.

External tenants can get in touch with Parking Service to apply for parking permits or to arrange the lease of parking spaces (including parking cards).

Parking charges campus residents

Only students in residence on campus Woudestein Buildings F or Hatta, or who live off campus in Building Xior, are eligible for a parking permit for the duration of their lease. You can apply for a parking pass via the Parking Service. Note: When applying for your pass, you must pay 6 months in advance for the first time. 

A resident’s parking permit is strictly for personal use and valid for the term of the lease. When applying for a parking permit, please present the following:

  • Copy of your driver’s licence
  • Copy of your lease
  • Vehicle registration certificate + copy

Costs resident’s parking permit

  • The price of a parking permit per month is € 15.00
  • The costs of replacing a stolen or faulty card is € 25.00

Please note: the separate parking card does not allow the residents of Buildings Hatta, F Building and Xior access to other buildings or the lockable bike parks.

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