(AnneLoes) AL van Staa

dr. (AnneLoes) AL van Staa
(external) researcher Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management Health Care Governance (HCG)
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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I trained as a general and paediatric nurse in the Academic Hospital Rotterdam (now Erasmus University Medical Center) and worked several years in Nicaragua with MSF (Medecines Sans Frontieres). In 1993, I graduated both in medicine and cultural anthropology (specialisation medical anthropology) in the University of Amsterdam. My Master thesis was entitled “Myth and metronidazole in Manila” and dealt with the reasons for inappropriate drug prescriptions for diarrhoea in young children. After a year of working for the Medical Anthropology Group in the University of Amsterdam as a researcher and consultant in international health, I moved to Rotterdam.
Since 1994, I work as an assistant professor in the Institute of Health Policy & Management where I have been involved in teaching in the social medical sciences, research methods, and academic skills, in education management and research. In 2003, I was appointed professor "Transitions of Care" in Rotterdam University (University of Applied Sciences). There I head a research & development programme into Transitions in Youth with Chronic Conditions. In June 2012, I defended my PhD thesis called On Your Own Feet: Preferences and Competences for Care of Adolescents with Chronic Conditions (Op Eigen Benen: Jongeren met chronische aandoeningen en hun preferenties en competenties voor de zorg).
Fields of interest & projects
Main areas of research are adolescents with chronic conditions, transitional care, social participation, self-management, patient and parent empowerment, nursing, palliative care, and professionalism.
My PhD thesis reports on the mixed methods research project 'On Your Own feet' into preferences and competencies of adolescents with chronic conditions in their transition to adulthood and adult care. My supervisors were Prof. Margo J. Trappenburg (Utrecht University/University of Amsterdam) and Prof. Henriette A. Moll (Erasmus University Medical Center).
On Your Own Feet was funded by ZonMw and the Dutch charity organisation Kinderpostzegels and has expanded into an extensive research programme in the Centre of Expertise Innovations in Care in Rotterdam University. Six researchers (including 2 PhD students) now work together on different projects about young people with chronic conditions. I was also project leader of the Quality Improvement Colaborative "On Your Own Feet Ahead!" (2008-2012; funded by the Innovation Fund of Dutch Health Insurers) aimedat improving adolescent health care services and at empowering adolescents in self-management and autonomy. The QIC was executed by Rotterdam University and the Dutch Institute of Health Care Improvement CBO, and was evaluated by colleagues from iBMG (Nieboer, Strating, Sonneveld).


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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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