dr. (Samira) SRJM van Bohemen


Samira van Bohemen is an associate professor at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and a cultural sociologist with a research focus on identity, sexuality, and social inequality. She serves on the board of the Netherlands Sociological Association (NSV) and leads the interdisciplinary Erasmus Love Lab (ELL). Her research is unique for its emphasis on pleasure—examining how different social groups perceive and experience pleasurable activities and how this relates to questions of identity and power.

Samira’s work has gained substantial recognition, including multiple scholarships and awards. Among them is the prestigious Vidi grant from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), supporting her current project on pornographic stereotypes, their social origins, and their impact on young people.

Beyond her academic research, Samira is dedicated to making a practical impact. Through her leadership at the Erasmus Love Lab, she collaborates with various organizations to raise awareness about youth sexuality and public health. She frequently contributes to social-scientific periodicals, Dutch television, radio, and other media, demonstrating her commitment to accessible and impactful research. Her outreach efforts engage a wide audience, from academics and professionals to the general public, highlighting her drive to bridge the gap between rigorous research and societal impact.

For a deeper dive into Samira's current research interests, you can listen to her recent interview on the Sociologie Show (in Dutch), which provides further insights into her work and ongoing projects.

More information about the Erasmus Love Lab can be found here.

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Associate professor | Governance and Pluralism


  • Samira Bohemen (1 January 2012) - 'Studieadviseur, een spiegel voor studenten.' Een interview met Ilja Fase
  • Samira Bohemen (1 January 2011) - 'In een tijd van mondialisering?' Een interview met Jeroen van der Waal
  • Samira Bohemen (1 January 2011) - 'Oosten als antwoord op levensvragen in Westen.' Een interview met Colin Campbell

  • Samira Bohemen (2018) - Unknown event
  • L Zoonen & Samira Bohemen (2017) - Good music for good sex
  • Samira Bohemen (2017) - Unknown event
  • Samira Bohemen (2016) - Waarom is iedereen anders? Of: Waarom wil iedereen anders zijn?
  • Samira Bohemen & Karin Willemse (2016) - Unknown event
  • Samira Bohemen (2015) - Contribution to the research workshop Everyday Aesthetics and the Cultural Industries in a Globalizing World
  • Samira Bohemen (2014) - Sociologie (Journal)
  • Samira Bohemen (2014) - Zijn wij ons brein?
  • Samira Bohemen (2014) - Sociologie (Journal)
  • Samira Bohemen (2013) - Plezier en politiek in een ludiek schouwspel: Kritische vertogen over vrouwelijkheid en leeftijd bij de Red Hat Society

  • Samira van Bohemen (2018) - EUR Fellowship
  • Samira van Bohemen (2017) - SOS Grant (awarded by the Netherlands Association for Sexologists) for the research 'Sexuality and the self(ie)'
  • Samira van Bohemen (2016) - Graduate School Award for PhD Excellence for best PHD thesis
  • Willem Schinkel, Samira van Bohemen, L. Van Zoonen, I. Van Oorschot & T. Krijnen (2015) - FWOS Grant (awarded by the Dutch Fund for Sexuality Research) for the research project 'Good sex: How young people perceive and practice good sex'
  • Samira van Bohemen (2013) - Young Talent Award (Cultuurfondsbeurs) Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

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News regarding dr. (Samira) SRJM van Bohemen

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