Erasmus Love Lab

The Love Lab

The Erasmus Love Lab (ELL) offers participants and researchers a separate, confidential environment in which the focus is on studying love and relationships. The Lab consists of an interdisciplinary research team of disciplines in Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Children's and Youth Psychology and Sociology. Here, sensitive topics relating to intimate relationships, love and sexuality in various research groups are studied.

The ELL welcomes new interdisciplinary partnerships. Interested researchers from inside and outside EUR (also international), students, stakeholders (e.g. social partners) and media can contact the ELL at:

Love Lab research facilities

Various methods are used in the research studies, including questionnaires, experimental computer tasks, interviews, focus groups, diary methods, video and other observations and physiological measurements. Check out the Love Lab specs for the options.

Love Lab Specs:

  • A suitable research environment for both individuals and duos (such as couples), also suitable for therapeutic purposes.
  • A setting in which sensitive topics can be discussed.
  • This is a separate area in the EBL with a door, which can be closed from the inside (for security reasons, it can be opened from the outside by EBL management and security employees).
  • A lamp on the outside of the door indicates that there are activities going on in the room. There are no transparent areas (such as glass) in the walls or door.
  • The EBL offers a confidential waiting room and two possible entrances and exits with two different elevators.

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