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  • prof.dr. (Lidia) LR Arends

    prof.dr. (Lidia) LR Arends

  • dr. (Bruno) BR Bocanegra

    dr. (Bruno) BR Bocanegra

  • (Suzanne) S Fikrat - Wevers MSc

    (Suzanne) S Fikrat - Wevers MSc

  • (Kristel) K de Groot MSc

    (Kristel) K de Groot MSc

    Kristel de Groot works at the Erasmus School of Economics, where she uses her background in biological psychology to examine the electrophysiological correlates…
  • dr. (Joran) J Jongerling

    dr. (Joran) J Jongerling

    Statistics Bayesian Statistics Multilevel Analysis Structural Equation Modeling Timeseries Analysis
  • (Rob) R Kickert MSc

    (Rob) R Kickert MSc

    Rob Kickert is a PhD candidate at the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam.He is investigating the association…
  • (Eke) AE Krijnen MA

    (Eke) AE Krijnen MA

    In my Phd project I investigate the effects of a family literacy program ('VVE Thuis - Preschool Education at Home) on kindergartners' linguistic and socio…
  • dr. (Oliver) O Lindemann

    dr. (Oliver) O Lindemann

  • dr. (Marike) MG Polak

    dr. (Marike) MG Polak

    Dr Marike Polak is affiliated as an assistant Professor to the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies (DPECS) at Erasmus University Rotterdam,…
  • dr. (Peter) PPJL Verkoeijen

    dr. (Peter) PPJL Verkoeijen

    Generally stated, my research activities have focused on understanding the cognitive mechanisms that underlie true and false memory as well as forgetting. I…