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  • (Marcello) MJC Aspria MSc

    (Marcello) MJC Aspria MSc

  • (Bastiaan) BF Assink (Bastiaan) BF Assink

  • mr.dr. (Jacko) JA van Ast

    mr.dr. (Jacko) JA van Ast

    Jacko A. van Ast is researcher at the Department of Public Administration with a special focus on institutional and legal aspects of international water…
  • (Cybele) CA Atme MSc

    (Cybele) CA Atme MSc

  • dr. (Arthur) AE Attema

    dr. (Arthur) AE Attema

    Arthur E. Attema is an Associate Professor at the Health Economics department of ESHPM. His main research interests include behavioral and experimental…
  • (Paul) PD Aubrecht

    (Paul) PD Aubrecht

  • dr. (Etienne) EF Augé

    dr. (Etienne) EF Augé

    Etienne F. Augé is Principal Lecturer in the department of Media and Communication. He received his doctorate from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences…
  • dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

    dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

  • dr. (Flor) FR Avelino

    dr. (Flor) FR Avelino

    Flor Avelino has been working as a researcher and lecturer in sustainability transitions and transformative social innovation since 2005. With a background in…
  • dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    The underlying concern of her teaching and research is an understanding of the conditions for democratic communication and social justice against a backdrop of…