Hora Finita and your PhD

To be admitted to a PhD track, several steps must be completed. This administrative procedure takes place through Hora Finita, this online registration system guides PhD candidates from their admission to their PhD track to the submission of their doctoral dissertation.

What is Hora Finita?

Hora Finita is the registration service for PhD candidates and supervisors of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC). All processes related to the PhD track – admission, progress monitoring, submission doctoral dissertation, and preparation for the public defence – run through this system.

Hora Finita offers guidance in completing and fulfilling all mandatory aspects in a promotional trajectory. The system notifies you when you need to take action.

Important to know

There are different types of users in Hora Finita, namely PhD candidates, (co)supervisors, Graduate School Officers, secretaries of supervisors and deans. Go to the navigation bar, or click on your role, to find descriptions of your role and how you can log in and use Hora Finita.  

Please note that the following applies to all users:

  1. You can only log in to Hora Finita with your staff login. For EUR employees this means your erna id and password and for Erasmus MC employees your microsection number and password.
  2. If you’re a EUR employee, then you need to first register your token before you can log in to Hora Finita. 
  3. To access the Erasmus MC network from your personal computer (for example at home), you must have remote access to the Erasmus MC network.

Contact information

If your question is not answered on the frequently asked question page, then please contact the Beadle’s Office for more in-depth questions about the PhD track. If you have a question about the system Hora Finita, then please contact your Faculty contact.

Faculty contacts for Hora Finita support

DRIFTMaryce Koedood: koedood@drift.eur.nl

+31 10 4088775

Erasmus MChorafinita@erasmusmc.nl 
Erasmus School of Economics (ESE)doctoraloffice@ese.eur.nl+31 10 4089051

Erasmus School of History,
Culture and Communication (ESHCC)

phd@eshcc.eur.nl+31 10 4081020
Erasmus School of Health
Policy & Management (ESHPM)

Bryan Bong: metis-horafinita@eshpm.eur.nl

Erasmus School of Law (ESL)egsl@law.eur.nl+31 10 4081412
Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil)office@esphil.eur.nl+31 10 4088979
Erasmus School of Social and
Behavioural Sciences (ESSB)
vandenhoek@essb.eur.nl+31 10 4081696
IHSAnnette van Engen: vanengen@ihs.nl+31 10 4089845
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)Feroza Tedja: pso@iss.nl+31 70 4260541
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)Aimee Steenstra Toussaint: steenstratoussaint@rsm.nl+31 10 4089647
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Part-timeBep Klop: bklop@rsm.nl+31 10 4088825

Kim Harte: harte@rsm.nl

Aimee Steenstra Toussaint: steenstratoussaint@rsm.nl

+31 10 4082382

+31 10 4089647

Beadle's Officepedel@eur.nl+31 10 4081006
Functional Managementhorafinita@eur.nl