Attending university is one of the most significant decisions you can make. It usually comes with quite a price tag too. Getting admitted to the programme of your choice is only part of the challenge. The other part is making it affordable.

Tuition, loans and special scholarships for international PhD students

We can be of assistance helping you materialise your academic dreams. Although we do not have an extensive scholarship programme, some of our international programmes do however offer tuition waivers, loan schemes or organise essay competitions. There are also special scholarships that are offered in cooperation with companies, such as the RSM MBA scholarship.

Obtaining funds in the Netherlands

The Dutch government is attempting to make Dutch higher education as accessible as possible to students and mid-career professionals from other countries. In The Netherlands, higher education is subsidised, which means that tuition fees can be kept relatively low, especially compared with the United Kingdom and the United States.

Foreign scholarships

Some governments stimulate their students to go abroad for a while. Partner agreements make it possible to host scholars at EUR, with funding by other national governments.

Scholarship/grant name


Participating faculty

Level of study

Scholarship/grant amount

CSC-Scholarship for PhD's

  • Chinese
  • All faculties
  • PhD
  • € 1.200 
CONACyT for PhD's
  • Mexican
  • All faculties (Erasmus MC separate agreement
  • PhD

There are several possibilities for obtaining funding. More information can be found at Grants, funds, financial support and subsidies
Information about funding possibilities for current PhD and staff going abroad can be found on intranet.

Funding at our Graduate schools, research schools and institutes

Find out more about funding and scholarships for PhD tracks at our graduate schools, research schools & institutes:

Sustainable economic growth to benefit society
The organisation of companies and society
Media, connection, happiness and identity in contemporary urban society