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From platforms for self-employed nursing work to challenges of workers when organising themselves in cooperative enterprise. The researchers of the 'Platform Labor Group' focus on these kinds of subjects. Six faculties are represented and every researcher is interested in platform labor in the broadest sense. They share common interest in how this new, technology-mediated form of labor is organised and regulated and what the consequences are for workers and the organisation of work.

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Regularly the group gets together to discuss their work or a specific issue with a guest lecturer, such as the proposal for the EU Directive. They also hosted a documentary festival and are currently organising a panel on ‘Working in the Platform Economy’ in which they will discuss working conditions and possible regulations with workers and regulators (e.g., HR representatives).


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  • Phuong Hoan Le
    Phuong Hoan Le


    Introducing Gig Community Identification: On the Psychological and Communicative Bond Among Gig Workers.
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  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan

    PhD Candidate

    The ghostworker’s well-being: An integrative framework.
    Email address
  • Anna Elias
    Anna Elias

    PhD Researcher

    Impact of digital platforms on livelihoods in the Indian informal sector.
    Email address
  • Jose Luis Gallegos
    José L. Gallegos-Quezada

    PhD Candidate

    Platform work / Time in Organizations / Labor Relations
  • Justien Dingelstad
    Justien Dingelstad

    PhD Candidate

    AI-driven technologies / day-to-day work practices / health care / ethnography
  • Pallavi Bansal
    Pallavi Bansal

    External PhD Candidate

    Feminist design of digital labor platforms
    Email address
  • Damion Bunders
    Damion Bunders

    PhD Candidate

    Gigs of their own: Are worker-owned and worker-governed platforms viable?
    Email address
  • Anne Heslinga

    PhD candidate

    Games, platform-dependent entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial labour
    Email address
  • Francisca Grommé
    Francisca Grommé

    Assistant professor/AIPact Fellow

    Hybrid employment in the platform economy: Who is juggling multiple jobs and how?; Towards a Gig Nursing Economy? The Role of Platforms in Self-Employed Nursing Work
    Email address
  • Jans Berden
    Jans Berden

    Junior researcher

    Hybrid platform work, multiple jobholding, domestic and taxi services, narrative analysis
    Email address
  • Iris Wallenburg
    Iris Wallenburg

    Associate professor

    Platform work, nursing practice, healthcare governance, policy experiments
  • Jing Hiah
    Jing Hiah

    Assistant professor/NWO Rubicon Postdoctoral fellow

    Platform labour, migration/mobility, gender, race, entrepreneurship, informal labour, labour exploitation, ethnography.
    Email address
  • Mariana Fried
    Mariana Fried

    PhD Candidate

    Beyond the Silicon Valley story: Workers’ discursive experiences with the smart and digital city
    Email address
  • Claartje ter Hoeven
    Claartje ter Hoeven


    ERC-project: The ghostworker's well-being: An integrative framework (
    Email address
  • Roy Huijsmans 2021
    Roy Huijsmans

    Teacher / researcher

    Platform-mediated Work, Migration, and Mobile Ethnography.
    Email address

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