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What is Yoda? 

Yoda is an application that supports you as an EUR researcher to store, manage and share valuable data during all phases of your research project: from the safe and easy storage of data during the research process, to the sharing of data within research groups and projects and ultimately to research data archiving and publication. Yoda makes it possible for you to collaborate with others by giving them access to your data. Yoda allows you to work with big amounts of data, while making it easy to add metadata, archive and publish it.

Why Yoda?

Yoda is a safe way to manage your data. It allows you to store and share your valuable research data in a secure way. This data management system makes it possible for you to work with, collaborate on, archive, and publish your data in one place. You benefit from working with Yoda in several ways:  

  • You can be sure that your valuable data is stored securely; 
  • You work with your data and archive it in one place; 
  • You can efficiently collaborate with partners from within Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as others by giving them access to your data; 
  • Yoda is also suitable for (privacy) sensitive data; 
  • You make your data findable for yourself and others by adding metadata; 
  • You manage and share your data in compliance to privacy rules and data management regulations;
  • You can work with your data from multiple locations through the website portal;
  • You can use Yoda for all kinds of digital source files, like text files, videos, photos, excel files, R files, STATA files, datasheets, geographical data, etc.
  • Yoda makes use of iRODS as a foundation, that also caters for (very) data-intensive research. However, Yoda is much easier to use thereby making it more accessible to a wide range of researchers.

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Yoda and FAIR data

Yoda helps researchers to make their data FAIR by providing a solution that enables data discovery and sharing (i.e. findable, accessible). In addition, it facilitates and enforces the use of metadata, thereby, contributing to data interoperability and reusability. Yoda provides a platform for the implementation of standard workflows that can ensure metadata quality satisfies (institutional) policy requirements, for example, for data archiving and publication. In addition, Yoda’s integration with iRODS forms a single platform that accommodates both researchers with data heavy requirements, as well as those seeking an accessible, user-friendly solution.

This website has practical information on the use of the Yoda for users starting with Yoda.

Request a project space

Yoda is available for every EUR researcher. If you need project space to store data for your research project, you can request it via a form. If you need help, ask your faculty data steward for help.

Yoda is hosted by SURF and developed in collaboration with Utrecht University. For more information such as tutorials for getting started with Yoda and connecting Yoda to your network disk, please see this SURF Yoda wiki.

Note: the content of this pages is based on this Utrecht Yoda website and this VU Yoda website.

Yoda advanced usage

Yoda offers in principal all functionality to conduct research and to use all the data management functions. Since Yoda is based on iRODS technology, it is possible to transfer data to and from Yoda using the iRODS communication protocol. For more information, check the iRODS iCommands manual and SURF Wiki page.

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