Evaluating Societal Impact

Impact Evaluation Toolbox

This toolbox offers practical information related to societal impact evaluation. It should be seen as an ever-evolving page, with the aim to provide evaluation methods, guides and examples. If you develop or discover a useful technique for evaluation or have questions about the current content let us know.

Here we draw upon a range of sources, including the ESI team’s experiences and literature on societal impact evaluation methods, to provide a brief introduction to a range of evaluation methodologies and examples of how they can be used throughout the life of your project. Some of the guides are also supported with case studies of impact assessments conducted by researchers from the ESI team. We have summarised how we made use of different evaluation methods, how we set up these assessments and what we learned from using them in practice. Further we provide guides for writing about impact as well as tools that can be used to evaluate your project’s impact.

Theory of Change

A process-based evaluation that can help to identify strengths and weaknesses of a project.

Campus from above with Mandeville Building

Productive interactions/SIAMPI

SIAMPI is aimed at highlighting the mechanisms that might bring about societal impact.

Sanders Building

Preparing case studies for impact within SEP (2021-2027)

A step-by-step guide on how to prepare and write case studies for impact within the current SEP.

Campus Woudestein

Flows of Knowledge

A method to assess the policy and practice impacts of scientific research.

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Impact indicators

Why, when and how to use impact indicators, including a (non-exhaustive) list of impact indicators.

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Proximity lens on structural collaborations

Identify/highlight conditions to enable successful cooperation/processes of relationship-building.

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