The first slide

In this activity, you will create an engaging first slide so students that come in early have something to think or talk about.
Activity goal
Activate prior knowledge
In class
Offline | Online
< 10 minutes
Group size
Medium | Large

Mentimeter, Powerpoint, MS Teams, Zoom

Step 1

Search for an image that is related to the topic you're going to teach during the session.

Step 2

Come up with a question that is related to both the image and the topic of your teaching session. 

Step 3

Create a 'First Slide' with the image and the question. 

Step 4

Use this slide as the fist slide of your presentation so students that come into the session immediately have something to ponder about before the start of the teaching session. 

Step 6

Start class with the question, let some students share their answers and use that input for the rest of your story. 

Tip 1

 You can also upload only the image and ask a question about the image once the session starts.

Tip 2

Create this slide in Mentimeter to allow student to post a response to the question (either open ended or multiple choice). You can show the Mentimeter page as the first slide, so the responses will be shown on the shared screen. 

Tip 3

Experiment with the images, pick for instance one that doesn't seem related with the topic at first sight or use material from the news or current events.


Consider the tools and materials mentioned here as suggestions. In many cases it’s possible to use alternative tools. Please turn to the Learning & Innovation team of your faculty (EUR or Erasmus MC) first to see which online and offline tools are available and how to apply them. 

Mentimeter, Powerpoint, MS Teams, Zoom

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