Share a picture

Online education offers the perfect opportunity for students to easily share their own multimedia materials. In this energizer, you ask students to respond to a question or task with a simple picture or a GIF. 

Activity goal
Brainstorm | Get to know each other
In class | Pre class
< 10 minutes
Group size
Small | Medium

Canvas, Miro, OneDrive

Step 1

Introduce a question that would be suitable to answer using an image or GIF (e.g. 'How would you describe yourself with one GIF or image, what would  your perfect holiday look like?'). 

Step 2 

Instruct students about where to upload their pictures and how much time they have to do so. Join the assignment if you have the opportunity.

Step 3

Share your screen and review the submitted pictures.

Step 4

Pick a few students and ask them to explain why they choose this image or GIF. Don't forget to share your own explanation.


  • In a smaller group, you can use this energizer as an icebreaker to get to know each other. You can ask your students to take a photo of their desk or their view from the window. 
  • You can assign the energizers as homework. For example, you can ask the students to submit one picture that they associate with a certain topic for them. 
  • Links or news articles can be also used instead of pictures; however, this makes the energizer less playful.
  • You could use this activity in a brainstorm as a way to collect input about a subject.

Consider the tools and materials mentioned here as suggestions. In many cases it’s possible to use alternative tools. Please turn to the Learning & Innovation team of your faculty (EUR or EMC) first to see which online and offline tools are available and how to apply them. 

To share images use a Canvas Discussion Board, a Miro board or a OneDrive folder.

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