Your teaching activity here!

Have you developed a teaching activity, please share it with your fellow teachers via teachEUR. Let us know that you want to share it and we will take care of the rest.

Send us your contribution before March 22nd 2021 and maybe you will get rewarded with a special day out!

Activity goal
Activate prior knowledge |
Assess |
Brainstorm |
Exchange knowledge |
Get to know each other |
Practice skills |
Recap / Summarize |
In class |
Post class |
Pre class
< 10 minutes
Group size
Small |
Medium |


Send us your contribution before March 22nd 2021 and maybe get rewarded with a day in a 'Wikkelhuis'. Joining only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 1

In case you have developed a new teaching activity or made a variation on an existing one, you can use teachEUR as a platform to share that content with the teaching staff. Contact the teachEUR team via and indicate that you wish to share a teaching method via this website. We will give you full support so it will not take much of your time to prepare your contribution.

Our educational advisors are also open to re-work your successful offline teaching activity into an online variation with the right tools. 

Step 2

One of our educational advisors will go through the teaching activity with you and writes it out in steps. You will approve of the final version and we are happy to mention you (and colleagues or students) as author in case you want to. 

Step 3

The teaching activity will be sent to the editor, who will produce the final version. The illustrator will produce an appropriate image to go with the teaching activity. 

Step 4

The final text will be sent to the translator.

Step 5

Once the teaching activity and illustration are finished, we will upload them. New teaching activities are given a star in the first weeks so that new methods are easily identifiable. And we will pay attention to them on social media channels. 

Send us your idea and maybe spend a day in a Wikkelhouse