Your teaching activity here!

Many EUR lecturers experiment with new teaching methods. TeachEUR was established to enable colleagues to share and enrich each other’s work.

If you have developed a teaching method, share it with us so we can ensure that this topic is included in the TeachEUR family. Variations on existing teaching methods are also more than welcome.

Activity goal
Activate prior knowledge |
Assess |
Brainstorm |
Exchange knowledge |
Get to know each other |
Practice skills |
Recap / Summarize |
In class |
Post class |
Pre class
< 10 minutes
Group size
Small |
Medium |


Step 1

Contact the TeachEUR team via or indicate that you wish to share a teaching method via TeachEUR.

Step 2

One of our educational experts will go through the teaching method with you and will help you write out this method in steps.

Step 3

The teaching method will be sent to the editor, who will produce the final version. The illustrator will produce an appropriate image to go with the teaching method. 

Step 4

The final text will be sent to the translator.

Step 5

Once the teaching method and illustration are finished, we will upload them. New teaching methods are given a star in the first weeks so that new methods are easily identifiable. We will add your name at the teaching method (only if you want that too).