IT Manager Arjen Voogt about educational software and working at EUR

All the hip things you want as an IT person, you can use. That is very cool.

Arjen Voogt

Manager IT services education

"The university is a really nice place to work. You get on your bike and arrive at the campus where everything takes place, like a postage stamp-sized world. I have also worked in the business world, but then your customers are everywhere and you only see them sporadically. Here at the university, the feedback loop is very short; all students, lecturers and researchers are here. When something goes wrong, you get feedback immediately and if someone has a wild plan, he can just walk in to us. During the first lockdown, for example, ErasmusX came up with the crazy idea of rebuilding the entire campus in Minecraft. Behind the scenes, we helped to make this possible.

I myself am responsible for the education customer group. This means that we take care of the use of IT for students and lecturers. Think of the infrastructure and the applications needed for timetabling or testing. Every day you try to make the services better. That is why we are in constant dialogue with the faculties about new possibilities, for example for digital education. We were already technically prepared for this, but the corona pandemic has been a strong catalyst. Hybrid education offers many opportunities in my view. For example, a lecturer can record his/her lecture and use the contact moments to play with the teaching material in a much more interactive way.

"The university is like a postage-stamp-sized world"

We have recently built an application for the guidance of theses. We want to support everyone in this. This starts with the student looking for a subject, matching him with a tutor and looking for a reader. This used to be done by email, but if a tutor changed jobs, we had no idea who he was working with. In the new system, you can send emails when deadlines apply and you know exactly which students a tutor is working on. We set this up with all the people who will be using it. This interaction with the end user makes my work fun. Moreover, when building applications you can use all the hip things you want as an IT person, which is very cool.

I chose EUR because I like to work for an organisation that really matters. I believe that science can provide answers to the complex questions of our time. I like to contribute to that indirectly by empowering people. Moreover, you are well looked after here and the number of leave hours is very generous. This gives me a lot of time for my children and my hobbies."

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