Teamlead Studio Miriam Fuselier about how she can really add value with her work

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With multimedia we can really add value at EUR.

Miriam Fuselier

Teamlead Studio

"I am interested in the intersection between design, science and people. Translating complex issues into understandable content. And I can really do that at Erasmus University. We have a lot of conceptual freedom, we really think about how you can best translate something. And the university is such a garden of knowledge. If you don't know something yourself, there is always someone in the organisation who does know. That's what I love about working for EUR.

On campus we have a large recording studio, a podcast studio and two smaller DIY booths where you can make your own recordings. I receive all requests for recordings. I then sit down with the customer to determine exactly what the question is. I think that is one of the nicest aspects of my job. Together you look at which story you want to tell and which form suits it. Of course, more factors play a role in this than just what kind of beautiful end product we can make. It must also fit within the time and budget. We then work with the customer and a team of AV professionals to create content, from concept to implementation.

"We have a lot of conceptual freedom."

No day is the same at my work. You come across so many nice projects and nice people. One of the most fun projects I did last year was Flipping the classroom by Pieter Tuytens and Peter Marks (ESSB). Economics teachers within the Bachelor of Public Administration have turned their profession around: no more lectures where teachers only talk and transmit. The lessons are now tailored to the needs of the student in the form of 50 short videos with knowledge clips, quizzes and games during lectures. Those videos were recorded in our recording studio. Together with colleagues from different disciplines, we looked at how we could contribute to improvements in education with video and a completely new course design and how we could actually measure this.

We are now working on another project, which is also very interesting. Researchers would like to share their research and results with primary school children. We design a lesson package together with the researchers and students. The lessons consist of 30-minute videos in which children work on topics such as fear or concentration and hunger. We went to schools with the researchers to investigate how students view the videos and which things could be improved. We thought the kids would like to see quick, short clips, but they said they found that distracting. They don't want quick editing tricks, but they want to be able to listen to what is being said. I think that is great and valuable feedback.

Erasmus University is a really good employer: many days off and travel by public transport is fully reimbursed. But what is best for me about working for EUR is that I can really add value with my work. The use of multimedia can contribute to sharing and working with knowledge. Not only with videos used for lessons, but also through the knowledge we make available to the broader community. With the Massive Open Online Courses we make knowledge accessible to everyone. Our studio is open to the entire university, everyone can use it. So if you have any questions or ideas, please come by, the door is always open."

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