Rosanne van Houwelingen MSc

Better education through innovation
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Researcher Port Economics

Rosanne van Houwelingen
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Rosanne is a junior researcher in port economics at Erasmus UPT and graduated last year at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). In the past year, she was able to develop herself as a researcher at Erasmus UPT in the field of monitoring economic impact and designing educational products. She is now working on various research projects investigating current challenges regarding the port and maritime sector, such as the energy transition and digitalization.

Better maritime education through innovation

Rosanne has the ambition to further develop herself in education and wants to combine this with broadening her knowledge in port economy, shipping and water-related transition areas. She studies, among other things, industrial areas in transition, and she develops her skills in monitoring studies. She likes to incorporate knowledge that she gains in research projects together with her colleagues into innovative maritime education. Rosanne is currently working on a teaching case about the Ever Given, the ship that got stranded in the Suez Canal. This case can be used in a multidisciplinary manner for various maritime disciplines. She also works on online game simulations that contribute to achieving learning goals better.

Research interests

  • Port and maritime economy
  • Port-city relationships and redevelopment of former port areas
  • Waterfront transition areas

Methodological expertise

  • Quantitative Modeling
  • Scenario planning
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Didactics

A selection of Rosanne van Houwelingen's recent projects.

A selection of the research projects of Rosanne van Houwelingen

Description: The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague (MRDH) is working on a new vision for regional business parks. The MRDH has asked Erasmus UPT to update the previously conducted water-related business parks study from 2018.

Status: Active project
Duration: 2021
Client: Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague (MRDH)

Description: Joint study by Erasmus UPT and Utrecht University on the R&D ecosystem in the port of Rotterdam. The project includes interviews with stakeholders, literature review and a patents analysis.

Status: Active project
Duration: 2021
Client: SmartPort
Partners: Utrecht University

Description: North Sea Port's financial position and effect determination in the context of major transitions and challenges facing the ports of North Sea Port.

Status: Active project
Duration: 2021
Client: Province of Zeeland

Description: Determining the economic impact of the seaports in The Netherlands. Study aims to determine the employment and added value of seaports in The Netherlands.

Status: Active project
Duration: Ongoing
Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
Partners: CBS

A selection of the recent education management projects of Rosanne van Houwelingen

Description: Maritime bachelor students from Nanyang Technological University come to the Netherlands from September to December for a study abroad program organized by Erasmus UPT. The students learn about maritime ecosystem, including maritime law, ship ownership, ship management, insurance and scenario planning.

Status: Active project
Duration: Yearly, starts in September
Client: Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Description: Development of an educational case for the stranded ship “Ever Given” for TKI Dinalog. The case will be developed in such a way that it can be applied from different disciplines. In addition, the objective is that students and professionals in the various disciplines gain a better understanding of each others' perspectives. We want to approach the case from the following perspectives: Nautical, economics, logistics and legal.

Status: Active project
Duration: 2021
Client: TKI Dinalog

Description: Port Constructor is an online game simulation that can be used in maritime education. The experts from Erasmus UPT come up with new assignments for the game aimed at the hinterland and they shape the teaching material in the Port Constructor game.

Status: Active project
Duration: 2021-2022
Client: Consortium (TU Delft, STC, Port Authority, Inthere, Erasmus University)

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