(Anouk) A.E. Mols MA

(Anouk) A.E. Mols MA

PhD Candidate Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of Media and Communication
Erasmus University Rotterdam
M 8-16
+31 10 4082529

Latest academic publication

J.H. Pridmore, A.E. Mols, Y. Wang & F. Holleman (2018). Keeping an eye on the neighbours: Police, citizens, and communication within neighbourhood watch messaging applications. The Police Journal. Theory, Practice and Principles, 1-24. doi: DOI: 10.1177/0032258X18768397

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Anouk Mols (1987) is a PhD candidate at the Department of Media & Communication of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Under supervision of Dr Jason Pridmore and Prof. Susanne Janssen, she studies how users of mobile technologies develop mental models of privacy. Examples of such mobile technologies are neighbourhood watch WhatsApp groups, intelligent personal assistants, and fitness and health tracking apps and wearables. Anouk’s PhD research is part of the NWO funded project *Mapping Privacy and Surveillance Dynamics in Emerging Mobile Ecosystems: Practices and Contexts in the Netherlands and US, *which is conducted in collaboration with the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Anouk received a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Master’s degree in Media Studies and a research master’s degree in Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. After graduation, she started as a lecturer at the Media & Communication department, a position she happily fulfilled for two years. In addition, she worked as a Research Assistant for Dr Jason Pridmore for ten months, facilitating the development and construction of three Horizon 2020 research proposals about cybersecurity, surveillance and radicalisation.

Anouk's research interests include privacy, surveillance, and media debates. She is particularly interested in attitudes toward privacy in relation to mobile technologies, public safety, control over personal information, commercial data collection, and governmental surveillance.


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      • A.E. Mols (2015). “Not interesting enough to be followed by the NSA”: A frame analysis of the Dutch public debate about the NSA revelations in 2013. Surveillance and Citizenship State-Media-Citizen Relations after the Snowden Leaks Conference: Cardiff, United Kingdom (2015, juni 18).
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  • PhD Candidate

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
    Department of Media and Communication
    +31 10 4082529


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